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  • AET Turbos to appear on Car SOS

    April 19th 2018

    AET Turbos Television Debut on Car SOS 26th April 2018

    We're super excited to be appearing on National Geographic's Car SOS. Watch out for us on Thursday the 26th of April 2018.

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  • September 5th 2016

    Aiming for 300mph on 2 wheels

    Jack's latest run from Elvington. AET Turbos are proud to be involved in helping Jack @Holshot racing compete to win records. We have provided Jack with some fancy BorgWarner EFR turbo setups. To help get the maximum out of his bikes Jack uses a wide range of Turbosmart products on his bikes including fuel regulators, wastegates and race port BOV's. 



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  • June 3rd 2016

    AET Turbos Overhaul Historic Motorsport Turbos

    Read about some famous race cars owned by United Autosport with turbos overhauled by AET Turbos. These cars have recently been driven by a few famous racing drivers at Paul Richard circuit. Want to find who has been driving them ?

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  • May 25th 2016

    Darren @Spoox Motorsports Pug 205 GTI season update

    AET Turbos sponsors all sorts of different types of vehicle competing in racing events all over. With over 40 years of experience AET Turbos know what is required when it comes to producing and getting the best out of a turbo whilst being reliable. Read about Spoox Motorsports season so far. 

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  • May 23rd 2016

    Jack Holeshot Racing | Top speed weekend results

    Long term AET Turbo sponsor Jack Frost gives us an incite in to his 256 mph run this weekend. 

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  • May 10th 2016

    Precision Turbo & Engine dealer

    An announcment from AET Turbos becoming a UK distributor of American brand Precision Turbo & Engine products.

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  • April 15th 2016

    Autonomous driving and parking futuristic ideas becoming reality

    Self parking, self-driving autonomous driving is something you may have seen in films like ‘total recall’ featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger or remember Will Smith in ‘I, Robot’ ?  These films have given us the impression you can sit back, watch TV, make video calls or surf the internet, all displayed on a full screen displayed on the window screen, while letting the car drive its self.  Let see how far from the truth Hollywood are?! 

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  • March 1st 2016

    Doing more with less – how today’s engines stack up

    Have the days of large CC engines been pushed out and replaced with smaller turbo charged engines producing the same if not more power. Come with us as we look at the evolution of the Ford Mustang V8 to the 2016 2.3 turbocharged ecoboost engine. 

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